Choose wisely


I think it’s amazing when people connect over books.
Even when it’s 50 Shades of Grey.. I haven’t actually read those so I guess I’m not allowed to be that negative ;)..
Yes I know, I know everyone read them, but at that time I had a mountain of other, lesser known books I wanted to read.
Maybe one day I’ll read them (probably not though..).

But here’s the thing. People who don’t read a lot, suddenly wanted to read 50 Shades because they were a hype and everyone was reading them. And then they still had two options to choose from: a) you liked it or b) you didn’t. But at least they read something, which is good.

So as you might have noticed, as far as the quote at the beginning is concerned.. I don’t really agree..
Kind of funny actually because when I first saw it, I thought it was true…
Having given it a bit of thought, I now see that it’s not that black and white.. Just like everything in life it’s a special shade of grey..

Let me tell you a bit about myself.
When I was young (well younger), let’s say about 15 years old, I more or less read the entire section that was selected for my age in our local library.. It wasn’t a huge library 😉 but still.. I read A LOT…
It was the time of Harry Potter but for me it didn’t stop there, I inhaled books.
I kept on reading and reading until I went to university.. and there I stopped.
There were the mandatory books which I didn’t really enjoy because I have to be in a certain mood to read a certain book..

This standstill lasted for three years until I decided to stop studying (and failing) and go and find myself a job.
I know this was the right thing to do because I found a job.. in a bookshop.
The magical world of books welcomed me with open arms and I started reading again.

Now almost 4 years later I’ve started to notice a lack of space on my bookshelf.
At the same time I’ve realised that I own mostly classics and bestsellers.
Simple.. I choose the books I read very carefully because I hate putting my time in a book which then turns out to be rubbish. When I make time to read, I want to disappear into the story. I don’t just want to like it, I want to love it.

When thousands of people are raving about a book, then it has to be good, right?
Of course some books don’t live up to your expectations, there’s always a risk.
Luckily that doesn’t really happen to me very often.

One of the most amazing books I ever read was The Fault in our Stars by John Green and I read it (eventually) after people kept telling me that I had to. There is a long story behind this but that I’ll tell you another time.

But let me finish this post up.
Is it a bad thing that people read books that everyone else is reading?
No, because this creates the possibility of dialogue. Talking about a book you both read and loved, connects people.

It is a bad thing to only read books that everyone else is reading?
Bad, no.. but it’s a bit of shame.. Because there are beautiful books out there that are not bestsellers and you’re missing out on them.

‘Cause you know what’s even more amazing than connecting over that book you both read and loved?
Giving and receiving recommendations to other amazing books.
That way the magic continues…



Leave me your thoughts!!

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