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#T5W: Top 5 books for new readers

I discovered the #T5W (Top 5 Wednesday) Family on Twitter a little while ago. It’s such a great idea! Every Wednesday they decide on a topic and everyone who’s interested can post a video on YouTube where they discuss the Top 5 of the week.


Yesterday the topic was books you would recommend to new readers. So I stood in front of my bookshelf and picked out five books I would recommend for totally different reasons, just to keep it interesting.


1) Room – Emma Donoghue
Jack is five.
He lives in a single, locked room with his Ma.

Why? The story is told by Jack so the language isn’t complicated but there’s a lot of meaning behind the words. As the reader you understand what’s going on before he even notices that something’s wrong.
I love this book and still can’t believe it didn’t win the Man Booker Prize in 2010.. So unfair! If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it!


2) The Land of Decoration – Grace McCleen
Judith and her father don’t have much — their house is full of dusty relics, reminders of the mother she’s never known. But Judith sees the world with the clear Eyes of Faith, and where others might see rubbish, Judith sees possibility. Bullied at school, she finds solace in making a model of the Promised Land — little people made from pipe cleaners, a sliver of moon, luminous stars and a mirror sea — a world of wonder that Judith calls The Land of Decoration. Perhaps, she thinks, if she makes it snow indoors (using shaving foam and cotton wool and cellophane) there will be no school on Monday…

Why? The moment I heard about this book, I knew I had to read it. I couldn’t believe my luck when I was sent a uncorrected proof copy. It’s such an amazing read, so funny and beautiful.. I read it in a little more than a day.
I just want to say that I’m not a religious person (and I still enjoyed this book) because religion as a topic seems to be something that scares people.. Religion is just one of the topics but it plays a big role in the way the story unfolds. I don’t want to say TOO much because I don’t want to spoil it for you but I really, really, really liked this book. It’s not difficult to read but just like Room, it has a lot of hidden meaning. Do me a favour and give it a chance, okay? Okay!


3) The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald
Day and night Jay Gatsby’s mansion on West Egg buzzes with bright young things drinking, dancing and debating his mysterious character. For Gatsby – young, handsome, fabulously rich – always seems alone in the crowd, watching and waiting, although no one knows what for. Beneath the shimmering surface of his life he is hiding a secret longing that can never be fulfilled.

Why? There is a reason so many people have to read this in school. Fortunately I was able to read it when I felt like it and wow! that’s something else! It’s a short book, only 172 pages, but you have to pay attention.. Still I think it’s a great classic to start with. Either this or To Kill a Mockingbird.. The choice is yours 😉


4) Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling
You have never heard the name Harry Potter? Where are you from? Mars?

Why? This is where my love for books and reading originated. The books grow with the reader, or at least they grew with me. The plot became more complicated, more serious (or Sirius). I honestly don’t know who I would be without this series. It may sound stupid but I’m willing to take that risk because I mean it.. If you have doubts about reading these books, I will write down the reasons why everyone should read it and then I’ll post them here. In the meantime just take my word for it…
Btw.. Yes one of my cats decided to chew on the cover and yes I cried when I found out…


5) The Bookthief – Markus Zusak
It is 1939. Nazi Germany. The country is holding its breath. Death has never been busier, and will become busier still.

Liesel Meminger is a foster girl living outside of Munich, who scratches out a meager existence for herself by stealing when she encounters something, she can’t resist–books. With the help of her accordion-playing foster father, she learns to read and shares her stolen books with her neighbors during bombing raids as well as with the Jewish man hidden in her basement.

Why? This book… Why am I even trying? There are no words to describe this book… I have recommended it to probably a hundred people and every single one of them loved it. It has a lot of personal meaning too which makes it even more difficult to explain why I love this book so much.

If you’re lazy, you can just watch the film now because it was recently adapted.. But I can’t help but saying “read the book” really, you won’t regret it..

And there you go.. Five wonderful books, some very well-known, others not so well-known. Five books I have devoured, five books I will definately read again one day.

I hope you found it interesting..
If you want to see a full review of one of the books mentioned, let me know and I’ll write one for you ;).

See you all soon!
Thanks for reading!


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