Happy Birthday Shakespeare

450 years ago, a genius was born in the little town of Stradford-Upon-Avon.
He wasn’t a genius in an ‘I just invented gravity’ kind of way, he was a genius when it came to words and combining those words to express emotion.

Through the years I’ve become quite the fan and although I haven’t read all of his works, I always enjoy his works in every adaptation I have seen.

There are some that come to mind immediately and they all have one thing in common, Tom Hiddleston. The last I saw of him was as Shakespeare’s Coriolanus which was… wow. A-ma-zing!!


Before that he did the BBC mini series ‘The Hollow Crown’ in which he played first prince and later king Henry V.


Both brilliant performances and they complete the circle of this post.
As it is his 450th birthday I opened my complete works to page 450 and there I saw a funny bit I remembered from the series where Falstaff (One of Hal’s friends) and some others rob some travellers and then Hal in turn robs them just for fun.


A little piece of Shakespeare on his birthday (or what is said to be his birthday).

Do you like Shakespeare as much as I do or am I the only one who gets chills when reading his sonnets and plays?
If it’s not just me, do me a favour and spare dear William a thought today ;).


Links to Coriolanus picture and Hollow Crown picture.

Leave me your thoughts!!

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