#T5W: characters you hate

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey @ gingerreadslainey on Youtube.

Here are my top 5 characters that I absolutely despise.
My number one I knew straight away, the others required a bit of reflection but once the names started coming, I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of them sooner.

I’m not sure if you’ll agree with all five, so I put in a little explenation as to way I hate them so much.

Here we go:
the great gatsby
5) Tom Buchanan (The Great Gatsby)
He thinks it’s perfectly normal to have an affair. He’s also a racist and ugh I hate him. And can I remind you that he’s the reason Myrtle gets run over, so he’s the reason for everything.. Just saying.

one day
4) Dexter (One Day)
First he’s rich and then he’s not. He’s a drunk and he ruins Emma’s life. Although I was happy when everything finally fell into place, I was still so annoyed by him. Seriously, get a grip and stop drinking!!

pride and prejudice
3) Lydia Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)
I hope she lives out her life in misery. Not only does she run off with the guy her sister has a crush on, she never realises the amount of trouble she has caused. All she wants is to be the center of attention, aaaaaall the time.

2) Bella Swan (Twilight)
Sorry about that. I enjoyed the first book but in my opinion it just got worse and worse until I nearly threw the last book out the window. Bella is a spineless, whiny little girl. Oh, poor me.. I have to carry the weight of the whole world on my shoulders.. Oh please save me..
She depressed me, annoyed me and I’m glad the hype is over…

hp 5 order of the phoenix
1) Umbridge (Harry Potter)
The mother of horrible characters. Who doesn’t hate Dolores Umbridge? She knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s so clever about it. Always finding new ways to reach her goals. She has an answer for everything (most of the time those answers have something to do with the Ministry) and it’s like she wants nothing more than to see everyone in pain.

I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.. Also sorry if I went on a rant ;).
If you want to do the T5Ws you can!
You’ll find all the information here.

Let me know which characters you love to hate!

See you soon!


P.S. You can find all the images and the websites they belong to on my Pinterest.

Leave me your thoughts!!

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