Update on my life in pictures

I’m working again. Yes, you read that correct! I have a job!
Although I’ll be interning for the next couple of weeks, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be able to stay a little while longer after the internship is over.
And even if it’s only until october, I can’t bring myself to care about small details like that.
I’ve got a job and Ow My God it feels so good to be working again, doing something productive instead of looking for stuff to do all day every day..
I finished my training on Tuesday and started working yesterday. The colleagues are super nice and really helpful, really they’re cool people and funny.

And yes, this means less time to read but I think this will actually mean I’ll enjoy my quiet reading time a lot more.

So there you go, a little update on my life.. Let’s illustrate with some pictures shall we?

Roxy, our little cutie..
Loved those sunglasses but I already destroyed them *sigh* The weather isn’t really that great right now so it’s not like I need them, I guess…
God, I loved ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’, such a great book.
Still making my way through this masterpiece. I love it already.. 🙂


See you soon guys!
I hope you didn’t mind me sharing my enthusiasm instead of book related stuff.




Leave me your thoughts!!

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