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Bookshop-seeing in Ghent

Every once in a while I force myself to go somewhere I haven’t been before. (Otherwise I would spend all of my week-ends at home, reading..)
This saturday I decided to go to Ghent, only 30 minutes away by train.
I used to study there, five years ago.. Well, I was supposed to study but I didn’t, not really. That’s a story for another time ;).

Ghent is a university city, which means a lot of young people and some really good bookshops.
Weirdly enough I never once visited these bookshops while I studied there. I loved books back then but I didn’t love them the same way I do now. And I had all those courses, so no real time to read anyway..

The first bookshop I went to on Saturday is called ‘Paard van Troje’ (or Trojan Horse).
It’s a bookshop and café in one.


You enter through the café and find the adult fiction on the right. Both in English and Dutch.

The store is incredibly clean and they put a lot of care into their selection.
They have the most amazing covers, I wanted to buy all of them but managed to pick just one. (Burial Rites by Hannah Kent)

They also have the best children’s section I’ve seen in a long time.
Guess which story this is about..

So cute!
On the way out, you pay at the bar where you can find lots of smaller, present-type books and book accessories.

I wish I could live here… It’s my favourite bookshop so far!

They also won ‘The best bookseller’ award and I do understand why.
This shop is simply amazing!!

More of my Ghent-bookshop-adventure next time. 😉
I’ve got another bookshop to show you but it wouldn’t fit into one post..



Paard van Troje
Kouter 113
9000 Gent





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