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Bookshop-seeing in Ghent (part 2)

So last time I told you about ‘Paard van Troje’, one of the best bookshops I ever visited.
Well, since I was in the neighbourhood, I decided to go to a little second-hand bookshop called ‘The English book shop’.

Go on, try and guess what they sell 😉

The answer is EVERYTHING, well everything that’s a book in English.

I’m not even kidding guys, this place has soooo many books.
Let me show you..

I started out in the front of the shop, where the classics are.
And then went over to the general fiction.
And then, I looked around and saw.. more books.

I’m sorry I can’t include more pictures, the shop is very dark and dusty (which I like..) and I overestimated the light.
Result.. not very great pictures..
I guess I’ll have to go back 😉

The man who owns the bookshop is British and he’s had the shop for fourteen years now.
How come I didn’t know this when I lived in Ghent?

If you’re looking for English secondhand books, this guy has classics, romance, drama, horror, detective, science fiction, fantasy and a whooooole lot of non-fiction all tucked away in that little shop of his.

Well worth a visit!

The English Bookshop
Ajuinlei 15
9000 Gent

He’s so cool he doesn’t even have a website 😉



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