Blogmas Day 8: Favourites Christmas Movies

Wintertime means cozy nights and cold mornings. It also means cute Christmas movies, hot cups of tea and coffee.

Are there movies you watch every year? Or is that just me?
I love to relive the same stories, even when I pretty much know them by heart.

Can I share my favourite Christmas movies with you?


Firstly there’s Bridget Jones’s Diary. Such a cute movie! The awful Christmas sweaters, the awkward conversations. You don’t only get Colin Firth (yum) but also Hugh Grant (also pretty yum back then). Maybe I’ll read the book again this season. I know it’s not on my tbr but I really want to now that I started thinking about it.


Then there’s The Holiday. Two people, with completely different background, exchange houses. One flies to beautiful LA, the other to a small cottage in a small town near London. I love the different cultures, the break-up emotions and the love stories that follow. Also.. Jude Law..


And then my favourite Christmas movie ever!! Love Actually.
Please tell me you’ve seen this movie.. It has seven different stories and they are all entwined. The movie is full of amazing actors.. Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson (my queen), Keira Knightly and many others.
I love everything about this movie, I love the stories, the imagery, the music.
If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should really watch it now that Christmas is coming soon.

So which movies would you recommend for Christmas? I know a lot of people love Elf and I haven’t seen that one yet 🙂

See you tomorrow!



Leave me your thoughts!!

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