Blogmas Day 10: The Wonderful World of YouTube

They say that it’s “lonely at the top” but it can be pretty lonely everywhere else too.
My way of tricking my mind into thinking that it’s not as lonely as it’s actually is, is to read lots of books (and imagining myself in different worlds talking to all kinds of people) or watching YouTube videos.

Especially now with all the Vlogmas videos going up, it feels like I’m part of a worldwide family. It makes me jealous too, I wish I lived in sunny California or bustling London.

There are some YouTubers that I’ve been following for years. Here’s a quick list if you need some inspiration.

Lifestyle and Beauty:

 Fluer de Force   Topshop-Nordstrom-Carly-Cristman-Shopping-Event-600x776  thumb

BmvhtRQCQAE7Sa_     photo       essie_button_beauty_hacks_tips

Books, books and more books:

regan  Booktuber - LittleBookOwl  tumblr_mrrhyoHdu01qf9k6ao5_500


I think it’s amazing that these people have the patience to make all these videos. It’s something I really admire.

If you have YouTube-Channel-recommendations, let me know.




Leave me your thoughts!!

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