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Blogmas Day 19: Xmasbooktubeathon begins!


9:00 AM – So I just sat down to start reading and I notice that Ariel’s first hosting part ended seconds ago.. Am a bit sad about that but it’s my own fault for not checking out the Sprint/hosting times before. For my first read, I picked ‘The Wild Things’ and I have decided not to reread the whole book. The reason is that I spend most of my day looking after and playing with my daughter. So I can only really read when she’s asleep. Right now she’s in the bathtub, playing and I’m sitting here watching her and updating you guys. I guess I’ll actually start reading when she’s in bed around noon. That should give me an hour or two, hopefully.

11:33 AM – I read 42 pages so far! Hurray for me!! Now we’ll both eat and then my girl is going to bed so I’ll be able to read more. *fingers crossed*

12:30 PM – mmmm cherry tomatoes and mozzarella so yummy!

 2:23 PM – Nearly there!! I like this book but it’s not one of my favourites. It’s a little too strange for me. Of course a land with monsters who see eating you as a way of showing you how much they love you couldn’t be described in any other way than strange..


2:58 PM – Just finished The Wild Things and am now moving on to Noughts & Crosses, just in time for the next set of reading sprints. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this book, so I’m looking forward to it!


10:57 PM – I’m sitting here updating my blog and my computer keeps freezing so I hope this post turns out alright.
I’ve tried to read a little more tonight but I just can’t seem to focus. I think I’ll just stop for today and try to read a lot tomorrow.
All in all it was a good day. I read a little over 200 pages, I finished a book and completed the first challenge ‘a book with red and green on the cover’.

Oh and that huge piece of paper I’m using as my bookmark is where I wrote down the times of the reading sprints 😊 I recalculated them to my time zone.. Are you joining in the conversations during the sprints? Or inbetween sprints I should say because during the sprints you’re reading of course 😉

I’ll see you all tomorrow!!



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