Blogmas Day 21: #xmasbooktubeathon fail, shopping horror and Guardians of the Galaxy


I really, really wanted to read today. Marie woke up at 7AM (she doesn’t realise that Sunday’s are for trying to stay in bed a little bit longer) and after ten minutes of ‘Mama.. mama.. maaaama..’ I knew that sleep was not gonna happen.
So I made myself a cup of coffee and took out my last book on the list and then I didn’t read.. at all..
In the afternoon we went grocery shopping and the shops were sooooo busy. I hated having to pay so much attention to the other customers that I couldn’t just focus on getting the things I needed. It took us extremely long and it exhausted me.

I decided not to pick up my book but play with my daughter a bit and talk to my husband. It had been a while since him and me sat down together and just talked. He’s had a very busy couple of months, while I’ve been sitting at home.  So it was good that we had some time to ourselves. After bringing each other up to speed, we decided to watch a movie. Have you seen The Guardians of the Galaxy? I love Marvel and this one was good, funny and well executed but not amazing. That’s why I decided to bake cupcakes while watching the movie.


I’m really good at multi-tasking but not tonight..
imageYes, I burned my hand. How stupid am I.. This happens far too often, I really need to pay better attention.

Tomorrow my sister is dropping by, so it’ll be an easy day.
I’ll be writing reviews on the two books I read in the next couple of days.

And that’s it for today, now we’re going to watch Gone Girl.

See you tomorrow.



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