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My amazing bookshelf


So.. A month or two ago, my husband and I decided to build a bookshelf. We drew up a plan, measured the bookshelf I was using then, planned out the spacings based on the height of my books.

We decided on three different heights. 1) 21 cm for paperbacks 2) 27 cm for hardbacks and 3) 31 cm for picture books/ comics and other books that don’t fit on the other shelves.



Then my husband did some research to figure out how he would actually make the thing.
We went to buy the wood and had it cut to size (more or less) in the shop. The rest we made at his parent’s house.image




First we did the sides, made the grooves where the planks would fit into.



We then inserted the planks. Glued and nailed them into place. image


We made four components in total. There would be two next to each other and then another two on top.image


The bookshelf would be placed on the small middle area on our stairs. There’s nothing else we could do with the space. So why not fill it with books?


Some heavy lifting..image


And that’s one.image





Three.. four.. almost there!!imageAnd tadaaaaaaa. Now I have too much room. Just kidding.. I am so looking forward to finding new books, new stories, new characters to fall in love with and put all of them on my shelf.
I have to say, I can’t help but smile every time I walk up the stairs. I mean, isn’t it beautiful?

Any recommendations for books to help me fill up the space?




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