Bookish Academy Awards

So last night was Oscars night and for the last three years we got up at 2 AM (thank you time difference) to watch the show.
But this year, I had to work on Monday (today) so we decided to watch it later, probably tonight..

Last year, there was a book tag called the Bookish Academy Awards, created by Kayla (@bookadooodles) and so I decided to award my favourite books today.

Here are the Categories/Questions:

Best Actor: 
(Best Male Protagonist)

Henry DeTamble – The Time Traveler’s Wife. He makes the most of his situation. Imagine travelling through time. Not being able to stay in one place. Always being pulled away from your life. He still manages to build himself a life, despite everything. He fights to hold on to love and to hold onto himself. His story is so tragic but there’s always hope. I loved it!! (Haven’t seen the movie yet because I don’t want to destroy my memories of the book…)

Best Actress: 
(Best Female Protagonist)

Elizabeth Bennet – Pride and Prejudice. She’s so smart and funny. Even in a time where women weren’t supposed to speak up, she always speaks her mind. Even though her pride and her prejudices blind her, I still adore her because she is brave enough to say no to her suitors. What more can I say? If you have read the book, you’ll understand.

Best Cinematography: 
(Best Plot Twist)

Gone Girl. Although I saw it coming, I still think this is one of the best Plot Twists I have read in a looooong time.

Best Costume Design: 
(Best Book Cover)

Life after Life cover


I LOVE this cover!!! It’s perfection..

Best Supporting Actress and Actor:
(Best Male and Female Sidekick)

I’m trying hard to think of someone else but what would be the point? For me the best sidekicks will always be Ron and Hermione. Choosing someone else for the sake of not having to answer Harry Potter to every single one of these questions seems silly, especially here. No other characters come to mind..

Best Original Screenplay: 
(Most Unique Plot/World)

I’m sorry, but I have to.. Harry Potter. The amount of detail in those books is unparalleled. I have yet to read another book in which the world is so full of new things. There’s a whole world, right there next to the one we know. A complete world with spells and animals, a world where dragons live and you can ride phone booths the way you do elevators. If you know of any books with incredible worlds like that, let me know. Because I’d love to discover them.

Best Adapted Screenplay:
(Best Book-to-Movie Adaptation)

The Great Gatsby. I liked the book a lot and then I saw the movie and it just blew me away. I’m always a bit nervous when I watch Book-to-Movie adaptations, but this one starts with the same line as the book and five minutes in, I was hooked. I love all of Baz Luhrmann’s movies (Romeo+Juliet, Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby) because they are so flamboyant, which suits the story of Gatsby just fine. Vintage and modern blend together perfectly, which means it will never age. Those movies will always be brilliant.

Best Animated Feature: 
(A book that would work well in animated format)

The Ocean at the end of the Lane – Neil Gaiman. It has magic, it has creepy stuff and I don’t know, I think it would do really well as an animation.

Best Director:
(A writer you discovered for the first time)

I just read Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel and thought it was amazing. She writes so beautifully. This was the first time that I marked sentences and entire scenes to use for my review. I’m not sure if I’m going to read her other books (because I still have so many to read) but I’m considering it.

Best Visual Effects:
(Best Action in a Book)

The game part in the second Hunger Games book. I took me a while to figure it out but the moment I understood I couldn’t put the book down. I read it in a day, then walked up to my husband and begged him to let me tell him what happened. (He said no btw.. he wanted to be surprised when he watched the movie..)
Best Musical Score:
(Best Music in a book-to-movie adaptation)

Jane Eyre, the movie from 2011. That soundtrack is beautiful!! Just talking about it makes me want to go and listen to it again. (So I probably will tonight..)

Best Short Film:
(Best Novella or Short Book)

I went and looked for the shortest book on my shelf and it’s Lord of the Flies. For such a short book, it holds an incredible story. I remember being shocked when I read it and it took me a while to get over it. That’s one amaaaazing book!

Best Picture: 
(Best Stand-Alone)

The book that hit me the hardest was The Fault in our Stars so I’ll take that one. It left me in tears and stayed with me for a long time.

Best Documentary: 
(Best Historical Fiction or Non-Fiction)

Am I still allowed to say The Bookthief? It’s been years since I read it but no book has matched it yet. Although Life after Life came close.


What books would you pick for these categories?
Do you agree with my choices?
Did you watch the Oscars?



Leave me your thoughts!!

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