Do not disturb! Reading in progress…

We’ve been renovating our house for almost four years. People always told us “Once you live there, you won’t get anything done” and we replied “No way, we’ll work on it every weekend”… well guess what, those people were right.

We decided to move in immediately after we bought it (because there was no way we could afford to pay rent AND pay off a loan at the same time) and live in the attic. We started working on the first floor (or second, depending on where you live) and made ourselves a bedroom. Meanwhile we slept under the roofing tiles, there was no insulation. When the temperatures dropped below 0°C, it was freezing inside as well. We slept in thermal underwear under two eiderdowns (funny word, is that really what you call them? Duvet and quilt don’t seem to be the same thing..) with a hat on. Sometimes our two cats crawled in with us because they were cold and we kept each other warm.

Eventually, we finished the bedroom and then the bathroom so we moved on to the ground floor where we renovated the kitchen and made space for a small living room.
Two weeks ago, they finally redid the roof.. this time with two big windows and lots of insulation. 🙂

I’m telling you all of this so you can have an idea of the layout of our house and that way I can move on to the real subject of this post.

Reading nooks

I long for a corner I can have to myself.
Our daughter sleeps in our bedroom and our living room isn’t that big so when the husband is watching tv, I can’t possibly focus enough to get my reading done. So now we’re planning to make two rooms in the attic. A bedroom for Marie and an office.

Naturally, I went to Pinterest for ideas so I can start dreaming.

Want to join me?





(I mean *drool*!!! blog)




What do you think? Could you live with a reading nook like that?

If I ever finish mine, I’ll provide you with an avalanche of pictures. Promise!



Leave me your thoughts!!

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