Why I’m failing NaNoWriMo (+ Reading Update)

I was planning on doing NaNoWrimo but missed pretty much all of the first week (my daughter was home from school) and then I just couldn’t get into writing.
Of course, I shouldn’t be making excuses. You either write or you don’t. And I’m not writing as much as I could be.

So why am I failing NaNoWriMo?

Writing 1667 words every day just isn’t for me. I could easily write the amount, it’s the ‘every day’ part that’s proving to be difficult for me. And once I’ve skipped one day, it’s easy to skip another and then another… And suddenly, were halfway through the month and I haven’t written anything substantial.

But it’s okay, I don’t need to ‘win’ NaNoWriMo. Every scene I’ve written so far is one more than I had before. They are all scenes I’m happy about. My story is a complicated one and I want to get it right.

The writing process doesn’t end when November is over. Even if I did finish my first draft, I’d still have to rewrite and then edit the whole story. 

So I won’t complete the challenge, but I’ll set myself new challenges.

Maybe I can finish my draft by the time I’m supposed to give birth (I’m 31 weeks now, so not long to go) and start rewriting and editing after that. Who knows…

I’ve started reading popular YA books because I can’t seem to get into any of my other books. (And since my story is so serious, I wanted something quick and fun) So far, I’ve read The Raven Boys and Carry On and I’ve enjoyed both. Today, I’m starting The Dream Thieves. If you have any recommendations for fun YA books, let me know! It’s not something I read that often so I don’t have a list ready 🤓.

I hope you’re having a nice November (and that the terrorists leave you alone).

Love Ellen

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