Blogmas Day 9: How becoming a parent changed the way I read

Becoming a parent changes everything.
But when it comes to reading a book or watching a movie, the change is very specific.



The first movie I remember watching after my daughter was born, was The Broken Circle Breakdown. The movie was nominated for the Oscar for Best International Film. It’s a beautiful story but also a heartbreaking one. I cried for most of the movie.

While reading Life after Life, the main character finds herself in the middle of the Second World War with her daughter. The book describes the horror of the war in great detail. It paints such a gruesome picture that I had to put it down at one point. It hurt my mother heart too much.

The same goes for The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

It’s almost as if being a parent opened a previously locked part of my heart.  Suddenly I understood the anguish described when it came to the suffering of children. It’s as if I felt more or more clearly.

The reason I’m writing this is because I finished Clockwork Princess a couple of days ago. It wasn’t so much the ending of the book that broke my heart but the epilogue. Cassandra Clare writes about family and loss and I understood. I understood the pain and I understood the decisions Tessa made and it made me wonder why it touched me like that.

Then it came to me and it was so obvious. It’s because I now have a family of my own and losing them is the absolute worst thing I can imagine.

Becoming a parent changes everything.
Even the way you read.



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