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Blogmas Day 21: My Bookish Resolutions

Of course I’m going to continue blogging after Blogmas, just not every day.
I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to blog on New Years Eve (since I’ll be at a party with friends), so I thought I would share my bookish resolutions now.

I’m not very good with resolutions in general but there are some things I’ve learned this year that I want to remember, so I’m writing them down.

1. Don’t force myself to finish a book

I talked about this during blogmas and some people responded, saying that this is something they struggle with too. I still have to find a balance between giving the book a chance and deciding that it’s just not my cup of tea. The main thing is to remember that there are sooooo many great books out there, why waste your time reading something you don’t like?

2. Read more Shakespeare

I’m from Belgium, which means that we didn’t see the bard’s plays in great detail. When we did discuss them, we mostly did so in Dutch. Everything I’ve read and seen so far, I’ve loved. I have his collected works sitting on my bookshelf so I’m going to try and read some of the things I haven’t read before. Recommendations are welcome ;-). I don’t want to make it a challenge and decide how many exactly I want to read because that makes it more of a task then something I can do for fun. I want to take my time and get as much out of it as I possibly can.

3.

The last two months, I’ve read a lot of books. More than I would usually read. How did that happen? Well, I started reading YA. I don’t mean to be disrespectful! I loved most of the books I’ve read but it’s a fact that I can get through them much faster. Which is great for my reading mood. For the longest time, I couldn’t understand how BookTube people read over ten books a month. Do they just read constantly? Nope, the answer was ‘they read a lot of YA’. Finishing a lot of books makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. So more of that next year.

4. Stop wasting time on Pinterest/YouTube, read instead

Pinterest and Youtube are my two weaknesses, they are like black holes.. they draw me in and time seems to stop. Before I know it, three hours have gone by. Those are three hours I could have spend reading!!

5. Keep better track of the books I read

Most of the time, I have to think really hard when I’m reviewing a book. I remember the parts I liked, but tend to forget what I didn’t enjoy. My short term memory sucks! That’s why I should note details down while I’m reading, but I’m lazy like that 😉 so, actually this should be 5. be less lazy…

What are some of your New Years resolutions? Any bookish ones?



2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 21: My Bookish Resolutions”

  1. Hmmmm some great resolutions here- I feel you with the trying to remember things and paying attention, each time I review a book I’m left with vague impressions haha. My recommendation for Shakespeare is my favourite, King Lear! Have you read it before?

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