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Blogmas Day 23: Popsugar Challenge Part 1

In January, I decided to do the Popsugar reading challenge and I thought I’d share how I did.

There were 50 challenges. I did NOT read 50 books this year so I cheated and recycled some of my answers. You’ll notice soon enough.

Here we go:

Book with more than 500 pages: Clockwork Prince
Classic Romance: Fail
Book that became a movie: High-Rise
Book published this year: Uprooted
Book with a number in the title: Station Eleven
Book written by an author younger than 30: Fail
Book with nonhuman characters: Seraphina
A funny book: Outlander (Claire was hilarious)
Book by a female author: Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
mystery/thriller: High-Rise
One world title: Neverwhere
Short stories: Fail
Book that takes place in a different country: The Raven Boys
Non-Fiction: Fail
Popular author’s first book: The Virgin Suicides
Book from an author you love that you haven’t read yet: Paper Towns
Book a friend recommended: The Retribution of Mara Dyer
Pulitzer Prize winner: The Old Man and The Sea
Book based on a true story: The Wave
Book on the bottom of your To Read list: Bridge to Terabithia
Book your mom loves: Fail
Book that scares you: High-Rise (man that ending is scary/depressing)
Book that is more than 100 years old: Fail
Book based on its cover: Station Eleven (such a great cover)

19/25.. Not that bad so far.
The other half will follow tomorrow.



Leave me your thoughts!!

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