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Blogmas Day 24: Popsugar Challenge Part 2

And here is part two of my Popsugar Reading Challenge results.

So far, I scored 19 out of 25 (mind you, I did cheat..)
Here are the remaining 25 challenges.

Book you were supposed to read in school but didn’t: Fail
A memoir: Fail
Book you can finish in one day: The Wave
Book with antonyms in the title: Fail
Book set somewhere you want to visit: Outlander (oh, Scotland..)
Book published the year you were born: Fail (I was going to read Dead Poet’s Society but didn’t get around to it)
Book with bad reviews: Fail, I think… or maybe Generation Dead?
A trilogy: The Infernal Devices
A book from your childhood: Fail
Book with a love triangle: The Infernal Devices
Book set in the future: The Martian
Book set in high school: Generation Dead
Book with a color in the title: Fail
Book that made me cry: A walk to remember
Book with magic: Carry On
Graphic Novel: Fail
Author you’ve never read before: Cassandra Clare, JG Ballard, Diana Gabaldon,…
Book you own but have never read: The Virgin Suicides
Book that takes place in your hometown: Fail (if anyone knows any books that take place in Bruges, Belgium let me know!)
Book originally written in another language: Marie – Christophe Vekeman (Dutch)
Book set during Christmas: The whole book or part of it? Carry On
Author with the same initials: Fail
A play: Fail
Banned book: I started Frankenstein but did not finish it.. so Fail
Book turned into a tv show: Outlander
A book you started but never finished: There are several I started this year and did not finish but none I started before and finished this year… so Fail

makes 13/25… Wow, that’s horrible!!!

The grand total here would be 32/50, which sounds okay but damn, part 2 was ridiculous. I’m a bit ashamed of that one.
Honestly, I didn’t really pay attention to the list when I was reading this year. I had forgotten that I was going to do the challenge and only remembered last week.
I’m not going to try and quickly read some things to pump up my score, it is what it is.

Are there any good challenges going around for next year?
I’m still looking for a fun one.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you some books I have put on my TBR for 2016.
If you have some recommendations, let me know!

I want to wish everyone a joyful Christmas Eve!



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