Life Update

Hello internet

I mentioned before that the reason for this blog silence would be that I’d given birth.
So let me just introduce Wout, my baby boy.


He was born on the 22nd of January. A sturdy little guy.. 52 cm and 4,250 kg.
That’s 20.47 inches and 9,370 pounds for those who don’t do metric 😉 .

The past weeks I’ve been recovering as much as possible. It’s not always easy to get enough rest because I have a three year old running around and I have to make sure that she doesn’t feel left out. (She’s really sweet, though and takes good care of her brother.)

BUT I have been reading!! A lot actually for my standards. And I’ve been dying to talk to you because the books I’ve read were pretty awesome.

So just to let you know, I’ll be updating as regularly as possible. I’ve got reviews and TAGs coming your way.

See you soon!



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