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Read the books YOU want to read

It’s a wonderful thing. It brings people closer together.
It unites readers from all over the world in their love for books.

But lately, I’ve been wondering if the success of Booktube doesn’t take some of the diversity away.

Publishing companies have clearly understood the marketing opportunities and have taken to distributing their “arcs” to many, many booktubers.
It’s a smart move. If I were a publishing company, I’d do the same.
It means that when the next bookhaul is put online, that same book is absolutely everywhere.

Whether it ends up being good or bad hardly matters, everyone has seen the cover, heard about the story and chances are that when they see it in their (hopefully local) bookstore, they will buy it.
I’m not saying this is a bad thing. I’ve done this myself.
The problem for me is that when I’ve given into this temptation, I’ve been disappointed more than once.


It’s simple.
I would never have read that book if I hadn’t heard everyone talk about it.
I would never have picked it out at my bookstore based on the premise or theme.
It’s just not something that speaks to me.

But it’s hyped and I want to be a part of the community, to talk to people who have read this book.
I want to fit in.

The question is.

Do I need to read popular books to be a part of the community?

I’ve thought about this.. a lot..
And I’ve come to the conclusion that no, I don’t have to read these books. Nobody is forcing me to.
And that conclusion made me feel so relieved.
I can read what I want.
I can read books because they look and sound interesting TO ME.

So what if nobody wants to hear about these books?
So what if nobody is ever going to read this blog? (I hope you will of course!!)

From now on, I’ll be reading for me because I’m the one who puts time aside to read and then review those books.
Why would I want to waste my time on a book that I don’t like?

I’m still going to watch book hauls and wrap-up videos and when a book sound like something I might enjoy, I’ll probably read it.
But I will not blindly pick up a book again just because it’s hyped.

I read for me.
Do you read for you?



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