#Booktubeathon Update: Day 2

Day 2

Monday 18/07 – 10:30PM

I finished Ragnarok and read 30 pages of Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. Now it’s time to go to bed (well, I’m already in bed.. Reading.. But it’s time to go to sleep 😉) because tomorrow is another full day of work.


Tuesday 19/07 – 12:30PM

Lunch break = reading time. We have a little balcony where we can sit and eat and since most of my colleagues are on holiday and the others eat at different times, it’s just me. Not that I’m complaining! It’s perfect! Some nice, quiet reading time. It brought The Hours by Michael Cunningham with me. My ‘book to movie adaptation’ read. I know nothing about this book… Well see how it goes..

Tuesday 19/07 – 5:15PM

I am freeeee! Now there’s just the matter of picking up my daughter, going home, making dinner and reading bedtime stories and then I can read some more. The Hours is really beautiful so far. I managed to read 40 pages during my break. Let’s go home☺️

Tuesday 19/07 – 9:28PM

I am soooo tired. I read 15 pages of The Hours and now I just can’t seem to focus. I’m so hot and sweaty and it’s keeping me from focussing. Ugh…

I’m going to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 55 pages is not good…

See you tomorrow!

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