#Booktubeathon Update: Day 3 + 4

Day 3 + 4
(Because they were/are baaaad reading days!)

Thursday 21/07/2016

I have the day off!! It’s our national holiday here in Belgium and the weather is so nice. The perfect reading day…
Unless you have a three-year old daughter who is in a fase where she can’t play by herself for more than five minutes. A whole day.. I could have finished The Hours, I was convinced that I would manage it. But no, I read 40 pages.

In the evening, when the kids had gone to bed, I got the worst migraine I’ve had in a year or so.
I ended up just laying there, on the couch, listening to music and dreaming of Daryl Dixon (Yes, I’m craving more Walking Dead..) before going to bed hoping I’d at least get a bit of rest.

Friday 22/07/2016 – 5 AM

My baby boy is awake. He’s having a hard time sleeping when it’s this hot. I’m having a hard time sleeping when it’s this hot. Everyone’s having a hard time sleeping when it’s this hot!
I’ve tried to keep their room locked away from the heat but somehow, it found its way in there too. *sigh* Guess I’ll get up then.
While I’m preparing his bottle, I suddenly feel really bad. I knew this was coming (TMI probably, but period-time..), the migraine was a dead giveaway. After feeding my little one, I crawl back into bed for 30 minutes. Not enough sleep, today is going to be horrible…

Friday 22/07/2016 – 10 AM

Feeling slightly better (thank you, painkiller) but very, very tired. It seems like everyone is taking today off, there’s only five of us working and the bank next door is closed as well. (Kinda wish I could have stayed at home too…)
While I was cycling to work, I realized that I had forgotten my book. So no reading until I get home.

I did place and order on Book Depository, because that’s what you do when you feel like crap, right? You buy books…
I ordered:

  • The princess bride – William Goldman
  • We should all be feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (With the 10% discount thanks to the booktubeathon)
  • The secret garden – Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • A little princess – Frances Hodgson Burnett

I realize that this is not a very good update.. and I apologise. I was doing really well the first couple of days. Now, it seems that life has caught up with me.
Maybe I’m reading the wrong books? Maybe I should have gone for more addicting reads?
Who knows..


If you’re doing the booktubeathon, I am cheering you on!!
I hope you’re having a great time 🙂




Leave me your thoughts!!

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