#AllLivesMatterEqually or that’s how it should be..

Okay, there is something that I need to get off my chest.
And I know that there will be people who will get the wrong idea or who’ll want to argue and that’s fine.
I’m writing this down anyway and I’ll try to pay extra attention to how I explain my feelings and try not to hurt yours.

This is what’s been bothering me.

Lately, it’s become more and more clear that we are a divided species. I know that it’s been that way for years but now it’s become much more obvious.

We are all against each other.

White against black, black against white, religions against other religions, men against women, women against men, everyone against everyone else.
The problem is, we all have a very good reason to be angry.

Police violence, violence against police, violence against refugees, violence against muslims, violence against anyone and everyone.
There is so much of it, you can’t turn on your tv without violence being the main item on the news.

The voices that yell the loudest are the ones that spread hatred and build up frustration. Instead of trying to find solutions, they warp ideas into visions of a horrible future.
“Be afraid” they say, “be afraid and follow us because only we can get you out of this hell.” but they won’t, because ‘hell’ is what they decide it is.

We all want to stand for something, and that’s great. More even, it’s amazing. People who were quiet before are finding their voices.
We just have to remember, in all of our enthusiasm, to be mindful of others and not sink to the level of the hate-preachers. We live in a world of fast communication. Social Media is an outlet for millions of people and sometimes we lose ourselves in the adrenaline of it all. We see something that bothers us? We jump on it! That can be a good thing (most of the time it is) but it can also be a bad thing.
We don’t always have to break other people down to build ourselves up. That’s what the loud voices do. We can find our strength in uniting against injustice while maintaining our dignity.
We can calmly explain our ideas, we don’t have to throw around hurtful comments. We don’t have to attack people, we can stand by our ideas and defend them. We can try to understand where the other person is coming from. Why he says the things he does. If others are being assholes, don’t give them attention because that’s what they want. If someone is being agressive on Twitter, you report them. Again and again and again.

The only way forward should be rebuilding the bridges that were torn down by indifference.
The only way forward is caring not only about yourself but about others too, not only about like-minded people but also about people with different beliefs.

Everyone on this planet was created equal and that’s how we should treat our fellow humans.
Every good person, deserves good things and your level of ‘good’ cannot be decided by the colour of your skin, by the language you speak, by the God you believe in, by your sex or the people you love.
Being a good person is the choices you make and the actions you undertake.

So be smart. Listen to and respect other people’s opinions. Free speech is only a real thing if you’re okay with letting both sides take the stage.
Feel free to share your own thoughts but don’t attack people, don’t deliberately hurt people’s feelings, don’t call them stupid and do not discriminate.
Everyone has his/her own history, everyone has been through different things, don’t ever assume you fully know what they feel.

Be open for conversation.

If you cannot find yourself in their opinion, that’s fine. Agree to disagree.

Come on, people of earth.

It’s time build something, instead of tearing everything down.




Leave me your thoughts!!

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