Poetry Friday: A Thousand Kisses Deep – Leonard Cohen


I first got to know Leonard Cohen while driving over the Pyrénées with my husband in the autumn of 2010. My husband had brought a live cd of Cohen in London and we were listening to it as we were driving the the immense beauty of the mountains. There was one ‘song’ (it wasn’t really a song but more a poem) called A Thousand Kisses Deep and I can still see myself, sitting in that Alfa Romeo (which we don’t have anymore because it broke down four years later and was ‘unfixable’) , crying because I was so moved my the words. To this day, it’s my favourite Leonard Cohen text.

Two years after discovering his words, in 2012, I had the opportunity to see him live when he came to Ghent. It was big and it was loud but it was also amazing. This man, 78 at the time, moved across the stage with such energy. The thing I will never forget was that after every song, he took of his hat and thanked his musicians. It made me love him a thousand times more than I already did.

And now he’s gone.

Did he know he was ill? Did he make a new album as a way to say goodbye to his life, his trade, us?

There are no words to describe how much I will miss this man. The world is already a bit darker without him in it.
This text is only a tiny part of A Thousand Kisses Deep. It the part that spoke to me the most. You can look up the full text if you want. The version he brought live in London is this one.

Leave me your thoughts!!

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