Poetry Friday: Als je geen contact meer hebt met de dingen – Peter Verhelst

Hoor jij dat ook, dat geluidvan meeuwen, maar geen zee_ Onmogelijkna te gaan waar herinnering begint en droomeindigt. Hou je koude handen onder je klerennu de wind opsteekt. Twee wapperende vlaggenzijn we. Het ge.jpg

Today was National Poetry Day here in Flanders and The Netherlands and every year there’s a competition called the “Herman Deconinck prijs”. It’s a competition for the best poetry collection and best debut. Alongside it, the public can vote for their favourite poem. (There are six poems you can choose from) and the winning poem is printed as a poster and handed out for free in bookshops on National Poetry Day. Isn’t that amazing? Hundreds of people go out to get that poster every year. So do I, I always get a copy for my mother-in-law too. She hangs them in her kitchen, one on top of the other. There must be about six years worth of posters on top of each other. Like an archive of sorts.

This year, the poem that won the public vote is “Als je geen contact meer hebt met de dingen” by Peter Verhelst. I think it’s beautiful but I do realise that most of you don’t speak Dutch 🙂 So I translated it for you.

I hope you like it..

When you're no longer connected to the things.jpg

Leave me your thoughts!!

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