Top 5 Wednesday T5W

Top 5 Wednesday: Current favorites that aren’t books


I’ve decided to start doing Top 5 Wednesday again. If you don’t know about Top 5 Wednesday, you can find all the information here. The topics are chosen by Sam and it would be great if you would join in too!

This week’s topic is: Current favorites that aren’t books.

Here we go:

  • new laptop

I’ve finally bought myself a new laptop. It’s an Asus and that’s about all I know about it to be honest. It’s not a very expensive laptop, but still a good one. Very light so I can take it around with me. The reason for my purchase is a new project I am starting in February. Once I have something to show you, I’ll make a post about it.

  • Passion Planner

passion-planner2017 will be the year where I finally become an organized human and this journal is going to help me reach that goal.

I have tried to build bullet journals but I often have weeks where I just can’t be bothered. This journal has a clear layout with lots of extra space for lists, notes and other stuff.

If you’re interested in the layout, you can find pictures here. All information can be found on

  • The Crownthe-crown-netflix

It’s been years since I’ve seen a tv show that comes close to the amazing quality of The Crown. The actors are solid, the story-telling powerful and the result is so, so beautiful.

In case you don’t know, The Crown is based on the life of Queen Elisabeth II. It follows her from the death of her father and during the early days of her reign.

You probably know that I’m a Doctor Who fan and I couldn’t be happier because this show gives me a lot of Matt Smith, my favorite doctor. He portrays Prince Filip and I think he does a brilliant job!

If you haven’t seen it already, you should definitely check it out on Netflix.

  • Reizen Waes

Yesterday, I watched the first episode of the third season of Reizen Waes. It’s a Belgian show where Tom Waes travels to countries like North-Korea, in other words countries where tourists usually don’t go to. In this episode, he travelled to Sierra Leone. He wanted to go there during the last season (two years ago) but a couple of months before he was supposed to leave, Ebola broke out and Sierra Leone went into lockdown. Now he was one of the first tourists to visit the country after it was declared Ebola-free last year.

The result was a beautiful documentary about the country where he got to meet the president (they played a game of squash) and visited Tiwai Island.

What I like about Tom is how honest he is. He’ll never just do something because it’s expected of him, he’ll always show and tell you everything exactly like it is. This show makes me ridiculously happy. A little taste here. Tom Waes did another show a while ago where he tested ‘how to’ guides. For example, ‘How to climb El Capitan’ which he did, successfully. He’s awesome and I have tons of respect for him.

All information here.

  • Sherlock – Mark Gatiss

I know the opinions about the season finale are divided but I happened to love it (for the most part, the reveal with Euros in the end and the link to the plane was a bit disappointing). Most importantly, it renewed my love for Mycroft Holmes. Mark Gatiss does such a great job, I absolutely adore him. He’s such a wonderful human being too! And a great writer, AND a great actor. Have you seen him in Coriolanus? I mean… damnnnn, it’s so impressive. So give me more Mark Gatiss any day!!


What are some of your current favorites?

Let me know!




Leave me your thoughts!!

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