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Top 5 Wednesday: Fandoms You Are No Longer In

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey and is hosted by Samantha.

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Loved this show, but they keep on doing the same things over and over and over again and I’m just so sick and tired of it all. Castiel used to be one of my favorite characters but he’s become very predictable and annoying. So no more Supernatural for me.

Doctor Who

This is one I’m not completely out of yet… but it’s a close call. I hate Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. (I think Peter is an amazing actor, I thought he was great as Cardinal Richelieu in The Musketeers!)
Maybe it’s the fact that I loved Matt Smith’s Eleven and all the characters related to him.. The Ponds, River,.. I also loved the humor and how it balanced out the sadness. Now, I feel like I have lost my connection to the show. I hope that it’ll get better with the next Doctor. I’d hate to fall out of love with this show.

Pirates of the Caribbean

What was not to love? There was the music, the scenery. There were the costumes and the great actors. Now there’s a new movie coming out…. again…seriously?? Just.. nope.

True Blood

I never read the books so I can’t judge them. I only saw the tv show and man did I love it. That theme song is still on my favorites-playlist. I watched it until the faeries were brought up. By then I had lost interest and it just really didn’t speak to me so I gave up. Also, I hated Bill so, so much. Whenever he was on screen, I felt like turning of my tv.

The Vampire Diaries

Here I did read the books and let me tell you, that’s some creepy **** right there!! Seriously, it gave me nightmares. I still remember something about a tree attacking a car and the branches growing through it until it broke and smothered everything inside.
I read the books until they changed writers and after that it just wasn’t the same. The tv show, I watched until they went to University and by then I couldn’t care less. I had, however, completely fallen in love with Klaus.. So I went and watched The Immortals instead but.. same writers, same problems and I haven’t build up the courage to watch the latest season.. maybe someday soon…


And that’s it.

Five fandoms I once considered myself a part of which have now disappeared from my radar. I thought this was going to be a difficult one but once I started, I just couldn’t stop.


28 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Fandoms You Are No Longer In”

  1. I feel you with doctor who. It’s not just Peter Capaldi either, I’m just not enjoying the story lines at the moment. Plus, I find Bill (the new companion) a little… flat? :/

    1. I haven’t seen much of the new season to be honest (only the episode on with (or without) the oxygen. I’m thinking about catching up but… I just feel so meh about it.

  2. Wow, I agree with everything you just said? I totally feel your pain with Doctor Who, Capaldi is a fantastic actor but I hate his version of the Doctor so much, a feeling that a lot of people share I think! Don’t worry though, I believe this is his last season so hang in there (I say that but I haven’t even started the new season yet).

    1. I haven’t seen the new season either but I’m holding out hope that the new Doctor will be better. Wasn’t he all out of regenerations? I thought this was his last one? I’m so lost 😉

      1. I’ll look it back up. That was a great episode but maybe I was to busy freaking out about Ten and Eleven being in the same episode with Bad Wolf to notice the information 😉

      1. I really don’t know anymore… I’d like it to be a woman but only if they do it right. Other than that I’m a sucker for Tom Hiddleston but he would be a completely different kind of Doctor. You?

  3. I still haven’t given up hope with SPN, but I agree, after season 5 the show just isn’t as good as before. I miss the season 4 Cas, he was the best. He’s more human now, but there’s also something that annoy me about him haha.

  4. I totally agree on Doctor Who. I think Moffat’s writing and vision for the show really let Capaldi’s Doctor down. Even though he is a superb actor. For me though, no one has ever come close to Tennant. My interest in the show has just gone downhill since then.

    1. Matt’s Doctor was my first doctor… I don’t think I’ll ever get over him. Tennant is 100% awesome in everything he does. Have you seen the NTA Special Recognition Award he got? It’s been a while but every now and then I go back and watch the clip again. It always makes me cry.

      1. Eccleston was my first Doctor- I was only 7!?
        I have seen the Special Recognition Award, I remember watching it on the Telly (I’m English). I still sob at it.

      2. I came across the show by accident when Tennant regenerated into Smith and I was hooked 😉 That was five or six years ago I think. (I’m 27 now, yes, yes, I’m getting old…;) )

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