favorite literary book quotes

Favorite Book Quotes (9)

Quote Amy and Roger's Epic Detour Morgan Matson

Today I was watching a video by Katytastic where she recommends Road Trip Reads and almost immediately, this quote came to mind.

Here’s the thing. I don’t read a lot of contemporary fiction. It’s not that I don’t like it because when I do pick them up, I almost always adore them. It’s more that I don’t go looking for them. If they cross my path, I will take a look.. but that’s all.

Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour was one of those contemporary books that I just sort of stumbled across. The story combined with playlists for every chapter made me feel like I was on a journey of my own. (You can find my review here )

As this post goes up, I am (hopefully) enjoying my holiday in the South of France (There should be a couple of pictures on my instagram) and I feel like this is the perfect quote for the moment. My husband and I love walking through little, quiet villages. We will have travelled for 12 hours to get where we are. That’s 12 hours with two little kids in the back of our car. I can only hope that present me has managed to hold on to her sanity… Because even though I love to travel, love to discover new things (new to me), travelling with little kids can be a bit much.

If you’re interested to know which books I’m taking with me. I wrote a little post about it on Sunday.

Are you travelling this summer (or winter depending where you’re from)? Where are you going?

See you soon!



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