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The book you should read after seeing “Dunkirk”

dunkirk movie review

Last night, I went to see “Dunkirk” and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

From the first moment I saw the trailer, I knew I had to see this movie and see it on a big screen. You see, we don’t go to the cinema that often. It takes a lot of planning with two kids and a husband who works through the night. But we made it and I’m so glad we did.

If you know nothing about the historical events surrounding the evacuation from Dunkirk, you might want to do a little research, just to give you a bit of an idea. You might be a bit lost otherwise. They don’t explain it, you’re thrown right into the middle of it and have to figure it out on your own, like they had to figure it out on their own.

The story is told from three different point of views, three different timelines moving towards each other and once you see it, once you see how and what, it’s brilliant.

You have the men on the beach waiting, waiting, waiting…
A man steering his little boat across The Channel hurrying, hurrying, hurrying…
And pilots from the RAF searching, searching, searching…

A clock keeps ticking, ticking, ticking and then stops. We’re there and there’s hope.

The scale, the noise, the chaos, panic, desperation… it was all done so perfectly. Honestly, it hurts my heart to write all of this down.

This movie touched me.

Of course, I’m super interested in the wars, especially WWII because we talked about it so often in school. (My school was a hospital during WW II. In one of the halls where we used to study, they used to make gas masks.)

The story is so simple. 300.000 men on a beach, trying to escape the Germans who have them surrounded. 300.000 men trying to get home. You can almost see it from here. This movie makes you feel their fear. And you know that it’s real. You know that real people stood on those beaches waiting, waiting, waiting…

It was beautiful.

I want to see it again. Soon.

This movie tells the story from the British side and if you want to know more, I have just the book for you.

book Weekend at Dunkirk

Weekend at Dunkirk (Week-end a Zuydcoote) by Robert Merle.

It’s an old one. I read it in French at school but there’s an English translation as well. I’m not sure where you’d find it. It probably won’t be easy but if you ever come across it, you now know you have to pick it up!

Set during World War II, it follows Julien Maillat, a French soldier who tries to join the English Army on the Royal Navy flotilla to England by boat. No matter how hard he tries to make it, he and his French partners are hard pressed to get away as the fight is getting harder and the Germans closer and closer. – Goodreads

Have you seen Dunkirk?

Are you planning to go and see it?

2 thoughts on “The book you should read after seeing “Dunkirk””

  1. Thank you for this post! I saw Dunkirk this weekend and it moved me as well. I’ve been waiting for a post that suggests a book to read as a good followup, because there are so many books about Dunkirk I had no idea where to start. I’ll definitely see if I can track this one down.

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