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Rainbow Rowell Carry On Favorite Book Quotes

After reading Fangirl, I was not sure if I wanted to pick up any more books by Rainbow Rowell. Yes, it was fun and yes, I flew through it but I felt so old when I was reading it. (Ugh, I sound pathetic. Please forgive me.)

But then everyone started talking about Carry On, how it was not like Fangirl at all and I decided to give it a go. And you know what? It was great!

The world was a bit silly and the spells make no sense at all, but I think that was the idea. When you look past it, there’s a cute story about two boys falling in love. It was so good.

It’s also a story about insecurities, about being different, about dealing with pressure. Not just fluff then. Not all things are what they seem.