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Top 5 Wednesday: Book Covers You’d Live In

We all love a good cover but what are some covers you’d like to be transported into? 

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I’m not going to do a big intro.
Here we go..

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets JK Rowling

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Of course I want to live inside the Harry Potter books…

Winter's tale Mark Helprin

Ssssttt I started reading this book a loooooong time ago and still haven’t finished it. As you can tell, it’s pretty massive. I was enjoying the story too… but for some reason I put it down. The part I read was very atmospheric and if it were winter here, I’d climb right into that book.

tigers in red weather liza klaussmann

This book just screams summer. I wouldn’t want to end up in the story.. just in the general area 😉

Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet jamie ford

I’m not a 100% sure what this book is about. I saw in in the second hand bookstore and I liked it so I took it home. I would definitely walk around in the scene behind that cover!

de man zonder hond hakan nesser

Ah, the sea… I love, love, love the sea. I think once you’ve lived by the coast, you will never be able to shake it off completely. Sometimes I really miss the smell, the wind in my hair, the feeling of the sand between my toes and the roar of the waves.

Which one is your favorite?

Top 5 Wednesday T5W
#T5W, Books

Top 5 Wednesday: Future Classics

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A lot of popular modern fiction already feels like classics so I’m not going with “The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” or “Never let me go”. These are books that, according to me, stand a real chance of becoming classics.

The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

book thief markus zusak

I think this one will be on a lot of people’s lists but I couldn’t not put it on mine. The World Wars are topics that will be read until the end of time and the writing style (Death telling you the story) is so memorable, I mean come on.. it’s the perfect pick. It’s already a bit of a classic. It was published in 2006 and there are still people that are only discovering it now so I’m sure there will be people reading it for the first time in ten, twenty, thirty years.

Station Eleven – Emily St. John Mandel

station eleven emily st john mandel

Dystopian fiction has been a huge thing in recent years so I wanted to put it on this list. The book that stood out the most for me was Station Eleven. I still can’t quite put my finger on why I love it so much but it just stays with me. I think one of the reasons is because it was written with such attention to the humanity of the characters. I will never get over the man who said “I’d thought I was the only one“. Not sure if this book will stand the test of time but it certainly deserves to.

The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

night circus erin morgenstern

A typical example of – you either love it or hate it – but the people who like it all seem to absolutely love it. That’s why this one has all the potential of becoming a classic. The fans will carry it into eternity.

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas

the hate u give angie thomas

Let me start by saying that I have not yet read this book so I can not share my own opinion with you. Why then put this book on my list? Well, the reason is simple. Even without having read it, I understand the importance of this book. I really hope it’s as good as everyone has been telling me and I hope that lots and lots of people will read it. The subject matter reflects our world today and I hope that future readers will talk about this book in a “back in the day when….” kind of way. One can dream, right..

Harry Potter – JK Rowling



I don’t really need to explain this, do I?



#Booktubeathon Update: Day 2

Day 2

Monday 18/07 – 10:30PM

I finished Ragnarok and read 30 pages of Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. Now it’s time to go to bed (well, I’m already in bed.. Reading.. But it’s time to go to sleep 😉) because tomorrow is another full day of work.


Tuesday 19/07 – 12:30PM

Lunch break = reading time. We have a little balcony where we can sit and eat and since most of my colleagues are on holiday and the others eat at different times, it’s just me. Not that I’m complaining! It’s perfect! Some nice, quiet reading time. It brought The Hours by Michael Cunningham with me. My ‘book to movie adaptation’ read. I know nothing about this book… Well see how it goes..

Tuesday 19/07 – 5:15PM

I am freeeee! Now there’s just the matter of picking up my daughter, going home, making dinner and reading bedtime stories and then I can read some more. The Hours is really beautiful so far. I managed to read 40 pages during my break. Let’s go home☺️

Tuesday 19/07 – 9:28PM

I am soooo tired. I read 15 pages of The Hours and now I just can’t seem to focus. I’m so hot and sweaty and it’s keeping me from focussing. Ugh…

I’m going to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 55 pages is not good…

See you tomorrow!