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Top 5 Wednesday: Book Covers You’d Live In

We all love a good cover but what are some covers you’d like to be transported into? 

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I’m not going to do a big intro.
Here we go..

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets JK Rowling

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Of course I want to live inside the Harry Potter books…

Winter's tale Mark Helprin

Ssssttt I started reading this book a loooooong time ago and still haven’t finished it. As you can tell, it’s pretty massive. I was enjoying the story too… but for some reason I put it down. The part I read was very atmospheric and if it were winter here, I’d climb right into that book.

tigers in red weather liza klaussmann

This book just screams summer. I wouldn’t want to end up in the story.. just in the general area 😉

Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet jamie ford

I’m not a 100% sure what this book is about. I saw in in the second hand bookstore and I liked it so I took it home. I would definitely walk around in the scene behind that cover!

de man zonder hond hakan nesser

Ah, the sea… I love, love, love the sea. I think once you’ve lived by the coast, you will never be able to shake it off completely. Sometimes I really miss the smell, the wind in my hair, the feeling of the sand between my toes and the roar of the waves.

Which one is your favorite?


Blogmas Day 2: My Christmas TBR

I don’t normally plan TBR’s but I thought I would do one for this month. Being unemployed also means extra reading time when I’m not going on interviews or searching the world-wide web for job openings.


Extra reading time means that I feel obliged to work my way through some of the books that have been on my shelf for a while, along with some that I really want to read.


I probably won’t finish all of these books but they are the ones I want to read during my Blogmas adventure.


First of there is ‘Jane Eyre‘ by Charlotte Brontë. There are two reasons for putting this book on my list:

1) It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for three years now, I bought it for our wedding. We used books for the seating arrangements..
2) Sanne from @booksandquills is doing #JaneEyreWeek on YouTube. So you might want to check her channel for a whole lot of Jane Eyre goodness. Even if you’re reading this in the future, you should still go and subscribe to her because she is a-ma-zing!! I adore her, not just because she speaks Dutch like me, but also because her video content is always on point.

These two reasons made it unavoidable and I’m actually looking forward to reading this book.
In case you didn’t know, this is what the book is about:
After a lonely and simply tragic childhood, Jane finds work as a governess at Thornfield Hall. There she meets the darkly fascinating Mr Rochester. But Thornfield also holds a secret!

Ooooooh.. suspense 😉


Secondly there’s ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard‘ by J.K. Rowling.
This little book contains five fairy tales, with commentary and notes by Albus Dumbledore. It’s a short read with only 105 pages. It was released along with Fantastic beasts and where to find them and Quidditch through the ages (I only own this one, I’ll buy the others too one day).


Next on the list is ‘Fangirl‘ by Rainbow Rowell, this must have been one of the most talked-about books of the last year (maybe even two years). I have written fanfiction in the past and I still love to read it. I think I’ll find a lot of myself in this book. I really hope I’ll like it. I don’t want to be disappointed!


I’m 1/3 of the way through ‘Winter’s Tale‘ by Mark Helprin. I have been loving the writing so far but I had to put it down for a while and read something else because it was a bit much. The book is over 700 pages so a big book. I’m not planning on finishing this before Christmas but I want to keep on reading little bits every once in a while. Maybe I’ll finish it before spring arrives.


And last but not least there is ‘Maus‘ by Art Spiegelman, a graphic novel about the Second World War where the Jews are mice and the Nazis are cats. I’m on page 78 of the 295 and I’m intrigued. The idea is simple but the story that’s being told is a though one. Art Spiegelman tells us the true story of what happened to his father during the war. He gives you the complete history, not just what happened on the frontlines but also the story of the people who were left behind and the time leading up to the war.
It’s too soon to give you my thoughts on this book, once I finish it, I’ll give you a full review.

That’s what I plan on reading during the next couple of weeks.
What are you reading?




#T5W: Top first sentences

It’s Top 5 Wednesday tiiiime!

This week I searched for some really great first sentences. Sometimes I read the first sentence and just know that I’m going to love the book.
Here are some of my favorites.. And yes, I might have cheated a little.. 😉

5) A walk to remember – Nicholas Sparks


When I was seventeen, my life changed forever.

I love this book and I love the movie. There is no way that I don’t end up crying when I’m reading or watching this story. It’s so honest and sad and beautiful…

He tells me his life has changed? I believe him!

4) Room – Emma Donoghue


Today I’m five. I was four last night going to sleep in Wardrobe, but when I wake up in Bed in the dark I’m changed to five, abracadabra.

Technically two sentences but I warned you that I was going to cheat. Now that you know I’m serious, prepare yourself ’cause I’m going to do it again in a minute!
This book.. Waauw.. It amazes me every time I open it. The writing is so pure and childlike, but as a grown-up you can find so many details if you read between the lines.
(I did a quick review of this book here.)

3) The Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger


It’s hard being left behind. I wait for Henry, not knowing where he is, wondering if he’s okay. It’s hard being the one who stays.

Have you read this book? If you haven’t, you should! This book is about time and the fact that there is never enough. There’s a lot of waiting involved and waiting for the man you love is hard.
There were soooo many feels in this book. It’s all so unfair. Tears were shed.. You should really read it…

2) Winter’s Tale – Mark Helprin


There was a white horse, on a quiet winter morning when snow covered the streets gently and was not deep, and the sky was swept with vibrant stars, except in the east, where dawn was beginning in a light blue flood.

Yes, this story starts with a white horse. I was quite surprised but fell in love all the same during that first sentence.
This is the book I’m currently reading. So much has happened already and I’m not even halfway through.. I keep rereading sentences because they are so beautiful. It’s going to take me forever to finish ;).

1) The Book Thief – Markus Zusak


First the colours. Then the humans. That’s usually how I see things. Or at least, how I try.

Words cannot describe how much I love this book. Just reading the first page makes me both insanely happy and incredibly sad. Yes, this story is narrated by Death which adds to the amazingness of the book.


There are a lot of great “first sentences” I did not include in my little list..
For example:

“Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.”

from the first Harry Potter.
The reason it’s not in my list is because I don’t own a copy. It is one of my favorites though, and makes me grin like a maniac every time I read or hear it. 🙂

So what are some of your favorites?
Let me know in the comments below..

See you soon!