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Rainbow Rowell Carry On Favorite Book Quotes

After reading Fangirl, I was not sure if I wanted to pick up any more books by Rainbow Rowell. Yes, it was fun and yes, I flew through it but I felt so old when I was reading it. (Ugh, I sound pathetic. Please forgive me.)

But then everyone started talking about Carry On, how it was not like Fangirl at all and I decided to give it a go. And you know what? It was great!

The world was a bit silly and the spells make no sense at all, but I think that was the idea. When you look past it, there’s a cute story about two boys falling in love. It was so good.

It’s also a story about insecurities, about being different, about dealing with pressure. Not just fluff then. Not all things are what they seem.

Top 5 Wednesday T5W

Top 5 Wednesday: Books to get you out of a reading slump

Reading slumps are the worst!! I’m in the middle of one right now. I guess I’m just looking for the right book to get things moving again.

If you’re in a reading slump, here are some books to help you out.


  • Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

You need something sweeter than sweet? Read Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. This story made me smile so much my face hurt.

high rise

  • High-Rise – J.G. Ballard

Want something thrilling? I read this book in a day. There’s no stopping once things start to go wrong.


  • Fortunately, The Milk – Neil Gaiman

Just a short and funny story about how getting a bottle of milk can be a huge adventure. it only took me an hour or so to read. Sometimes just finishing something can give you that little boost you need to pick up the next book.


  • Uprooted – Naomi Novik

A fairytale with a snarky female lead. I loved reading this book. It really takes you on a journey. I loved the end and I wanted more, more, more.

night circus

  • Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

This book is 100% atmosphere and that’s what makes it so amazing. When I was reading this book, I could imagine myself walking around the circus.


Which book would you recommend to get me out of my current slump?


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Blogmas Day 6: Review Carry On – Rainbow Rowell


Simon Snow is the worst Chosen One who’s ever been chosen.

That’s what his roommate, Baz, says. And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git, but he’s probably right.

Half the time, Simon can’t even make his wand work, and the other half, he sets something on fire. His mentor’s avoiding him, his girlfriend broke up with him, and there’s a magic-eating monster running around wearing Simon’s face. Baz would be having a field day with all this, if he were here—it’s their last year at the Watford School of Magicks, and Simon’s infuriating nemesis didn’t even bother to show up.

For those of you who have read Fangirl and liked it, go ahead and read this book. You’ll love it.
For those who either didn’t like Fangirl very much or who simply haven’t read it, let me tell you a bit about this book.

In Fangirl we have a girl who is obsessed with a book series and who loves to write fan fiction about it. You get little snippets from her story and they tell you a bit about the world and the characters but other than that, it doesn’t really give you any information. So you don’t have to have read Fangirl to read this!!!

Carry On follows a boy called Simon Snow. He has magical abilities but they don’t really co-operate most of the time. He goes to a special, magic school where he trains these abilities because he has to use them to fight the big, bad, dark presence in the magical world. Sound familiar? Well, maybe that’s because the whole premise is based on Harry Potter. But just to be clear, that’s not a bad thing! There are enough differences to make the story interesting.

Carry On is supposed to be the final book in the series so you sort of leap into a story of which the biggest part has already been told, this is just the conclusion.

I’m not going to go into the story itself because I don’t want to spoil it. I have heard a lot of people say that it’s a fantasy story written as a contemporary one and I would have to agree. It’s very, very sweet so if you don’t like the sugary stuff, you’d better stay away or your teeth will hurt.

I liked this book when I read it but it’s not something that really stuck with me. It’s very fast and easy to read. The many references to Harry Potter made me smile. The romance is excellent and dear god, I might have fallen in love with Baz. But I could never give this book full marks because it relies so heavily on Harry Potter to get the story across.

And although a lot of people seem to like the way the magic spells worked, I found them cringe worthy. I understand the reasoning behind them and I think it’s a great idea but the spells that were used… no it just didn’t sit well with me. It’s probably just me, so don’t let it keep you from reading the book.

Do you want a book that will give you all the warm fuzzies? Then this book was made for you!






Blogmas Day 9: Review Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell ****

This morning I went to a job interview and it was good, really good actually. It’s a temporary job as an Office Manager because their usual Office Manager is pregnant and will go on maternity leave soon. So I’m replacing her. Of course it would be nicer to have a place where I can stay, but it’s a very interesting firm and I’ll be able to learn a lot of new things so I think I should do it. After those three months, we’ll see.

It’s not final yet, they still have to introduce me to the CEO but it’s a step in the right direction and I’m happy to have something positive to look forward to.

A couple of days ago, I finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. So I thought I’d review it.


This book must have been the most hyped book of the last two years. It’s been EVERYWHERE!!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then here is what the story is about.

Cath and Wren are identical twins and until recently they did absolutely everything together. Now they’re off to university and Wren’s decided she doesn’t want to be one half of a pair any more – she wants to dance, meet boys, go to parties and let loose. It’s not so easy for Cath. She would rather bury herself in the fanfiction she writes where there’s romance far more intense than anything she’s experienced in real life.

Now Cath has to decide whether she’s ready to open her heart to new people and new experiences, and she’s realizing that there’s more to learn about love than she ever thought possible.

As I said, soooo many people in the booktube and bookblogging community have been talking about this book, so when I saw it at the Antwerp Bookfair, I decided to give it a go.. see what all the fuss was about.

I have to admit, I really liked this book. I think it’s the kind of book where everyone who reads it will find a piece of him/herself in the story. The characters are very easy to relate to. Whether you’re like Cath, locked away in her room, writing fanfiction, living in a fantasy world in you mind (I’ve been there.. I still wish I could go to Hogwarts) or you’re Wren, very social, pretty and ready to stand on your own two feet, ready to be an adult.

There were a couple of scenes where things happened that actually happened to me too. To give you an example, I haven’t talked to my father in.. four years I think and I’m not planning on talking to him any time soon. He’s just not a part of our family anymore.

The characters are well played out, but it’s all a bit black and white.. everybody dislikes the same people. That’s why I didn’t give it five stars, I’d lacked a bit of dept. I’m not saying that there’s no dept whatsoever because there’s a lot of background to Cath but I guess I just wanted.. more.

I liked the Simon and Baz bits in between, not at first but as the story went on I started to like them until it got to a point where I was happy to read more. It’s obvious that it’s based on Harry Potter and I like that. Although Harry and Draco wouldn’t be my OTP 😉 I’m Dramione all the way (and I will go down with this ship!!). (Also, J.K. Rowling is writing about Draco Malfoy in December! There will be 12 new short stories on the Pottermore website. I’m so exited!!!!!!!!!!!)

*takes a deep breath*

Okay, so, Fangirl..
It’s pretty much an Ode to fandoms. An “It’s okay to write your own stories after a book or movie is finished”. An “It’s okay to want more for the characters you like”. And I think it’s amazing that an author wrote a book about it. Because, come on, be honest, who hasn’t read fanfiction before? Besides my husband..
I have spend DAYS reading fanfiction, there are some really talented people out there. Yes, they also made me cry sometimes.

Overall, I really, really liked it, but it wasn’t WOW or OMG or AAAAAAAHH. It was a good book and I’ll recommend it to people who are younger then me. Because I just had the feeling that I was too old to really feel the way the characters felt. Maybe that was why it didn’t blow me away.. I’ve been out of the university scene for a while now. I’m married, we bought a house, we have a daughter.. My life is nothing like those of the people in the book. I’ve been there though and I have great memories of that time but it’s just.. just..

Have your read this book?
Are you one of the 99.9% who absolutely frigging loved it? 🙂

Let me know!





Blogmas Day 2: My Christmas TBR

I don’t normally plan TBR’s but I thought I would do one for this month. Being unemployed also means extra reading time when I’m not going on interviews or searching the world-wide web for job openings.


Extra reading time means that I feel obliged to work my way through some of the books that have been on my shelf for a while, along with some that I really want to read.


I probably won’t finish all of these books but they are the ones I want to read during my Blogmas adventure.


First of there is ‘Jane Eyre‘ by Charlotte Brontë. There are two reasons for putting this book on my list:

1) It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for three years now, I bought it for our wedding. We used books for the seating arrangements..
2) Sanne from @booksandquills is doing #JaneEyreWeek on YouTube. So you might want to check her channel for a whole lot of Jane Eyre goodness. Even if you’re reading this in the future, you should still go and subscribe to her because she is a-ma-zing!! I adore her, not just because she speaks Dutch like me, but also because her video content is always on point.

These two reasons made it unavoidable and I’m actually looking forward to reading this book.
In case you didn’t know, this is what the book is about:
After a lonely and simply tragic childhood, Jane finds work as a governess at Thornfield Hall. There she meets the darkly fascinating Mr Rochester. But Thornfield also holds a secret!

Ooooooh.. suspense 😉


Secondly there’s ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard‘ by J.K. Rowling.
This little book contains five fairy tales, with commentary and notes by Albus Dumbledore. It’s a short read with only 105 pages. It was released along with Fantastic beasts and where to find them and Quidditch through the ages (I only own this one, I’ll buy the others too one day).


Next on the list is ‘Fangirl‘ by Rainbow Rowell, this must have been one of the most talked-about books of the last year (maybe even two years). I have written fanfiction in the past and I still love to read it. I think I’ll find a lot of myself in this book. I really hope I’ll like it. I don’t want to be disappointed!


I’m 1/3 of the way through ‘Winter’s Tale‘ by Mark Helprin. I have been loving the writing so far but I had to put it down for a while and read something else because it was a bit much. The book is over 700 pages so a big book. I’m not planning on finishing this before Christmas but I want to keep on reading little bits every once in a while. Maybe I’ll finish it before spring arrives.


And last but not least there is ‘Maus‘ by Art Spiegelman, a graphic novel about the Second World War where the Jews are mice and the Nazis are cats. I’m on page 78 of the 295 and I’m intrigued. The idea is simple but the story that’s being told is a though one. Art Spiegelman tells us the true story of what happened to his father during the war. He gives you the complete history, not just what happened on the frontlines but also the story of the people who were left behind and the time leading up to the war.
It’s too soon to give you my thoughts on this book, once I finish it, I’ll give you a full review.

That’s what I plan on reading during the next couple of weeks.
What are you reading?